High level piano education on a quality grand piano
for all ages

Trial 240 Package

Trial 240 Package
2018 / 2019
Recommended: for children from 8 to 18, for faster development

Package Contents

  • Temporal contents: 16 classes of 40 minutes.
    Fulfilment with two classes per week (or somewhat rarer).
  • Professional contents: 20-28 child songs, adaptations or piano pieces, according to the student’s knowledge level. Working with 3-4 small opuses, technical, sightreading and improvisation excercises on each class.

Package Time Limits

10 tutorial weeks or expending quantity earlier, starting on any day with Monday work schedule. In case of duration containing summer term there is a unique agreement.

Fees and Payment Schedules

Education fee
HUF 104.000
In 2 equal installments

The package is available once, even without an own instrument. Next package can be chosen from current Recital or ABRSM packages, having an own instrument.

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