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Recital 155 Package

Recital 155 Package
2018 / 2019
Recommended: for children from 12 to 18 and advanced adults

Package Contents

  • Temporal contents: 32 classes of 55 minutes + optional aditional classes during school term, summer classes during summer term.
    Fulfilment with one class per week (or somewhat rarer).
  • Profesional contents: 12-24 piano pieces, according to the student’s knowledge level. Working with 3-4 intermediate or 2-3 great opuses, technical, sightreading and improvisation excercises on each class.
  • Active participation on our piano recitals in December and in June with 2*2 preparatory common classes and 2*1 complimentary tickets.

Package Time Limits
Deafault time limits

Full duration: 03/09/2018 – 30/08/2019
School term: 03/09/2018 – 14/06/2019 (package contents + additional classes optionally)
Summer term: 17/06/2019 – 30/08/2019 (summer classes)

Fees and Payment Schedules
Subscription fee contains all administration linked to education and fee for appearances. Education fee assumes class visiting on 32 tutorial weeks, fee for additional classes is payable in case of class visiting over 32 classes during school term, fee for summer classes is payable for classes during summer term.

Fees   Due date
Subscription fee: 14.000 HUF
12.000 HUF
Education fee: 256.000 HUF
248.000 HUF
  in 8 equal installments
Additional class: 8.000 HUF
7.500 HUF
  class by class
Summer class: 8.000 HUF   class by class

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