High level piano education on a quality grand piano
for all ages

For children

Dear Parents! Give your children such afternoon activity that affects their personality, their human being. Not olnly the singing lessons but learning to play a musical instrument can be the best part of their musical education. Playing the piano makes pleasure, helps to coordinate motions, developes the memory, helps in general learning and forms thinking by creative tasks.

Piano bench
Little stool
Pedal adapter
Double piano bench

Piano education can be started at the age of six or any time later. It is very important to keep the right posture at the piano so the support will be distributed equally between the bottom and the legs, thus the arms can move freely. Keeping the arms horizontallycshouldn't depend on the height of the child so it is useful ro sit on an adjustable piano bench. A small stool is helpful if the legs don't touch the floor, or a pedal adapter to handle the pedals. Siblings, classmates, friends who love playing the piano together have enough space on the double piano bench which is adjustable at both ends. They can easily learn and perform duet pieces for four hands.

Anyone can cope with simple songs and easy two-hand pieces, talented pupils can reach of learning even complex opuses. Whatever the knowledge level is, it can give an experience for life playing the piano to one another, even on stage. For beginners, packages containing 1*25 minutes or 1*40 minutes are recommended, for intermediate and advanced students, primarily 1*40 minutes or 2*40 minutes, probably 1*55 minutes. Who copes with pieces by himself can attend longer lessons sometimes to review a piece and get advices for the work at home. Our pedagogical program contains skill-developing excercises built into the material, we offer them within the rewarding game called "A little more extra!". Talented pupils can prepare for conservatory, college or even university with our help.

There is no accredited education at present time so students are exempted from exams, preparation for international exams is available on demand. Our material covers requirements of the publicly funded basic art education institutions and music high schools broadly or can be different on demand, it covers requirements in case of international exams. Skillful students can present their knowledge on piano recitals once a semester. A public concert on a Steinway grand piano can give a great experience. Participants are rewarded with a diploma. Please visit the page about the Concerts of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola, too. Please scroll down to fill in the form for application.

Piano education for children - Bálint Takács Piano education for children - Jeffrey Ran and William Ma Piano education for children - Ábel Tóth Piano education for children - Sára Tóth

Methods and materials

  • Hungarian piano books
    The basics of reading notes and piano technique,
    in a playful mode

    Recommended for begginers
Papp Lajos: Zongora ABC 1 Papp Lajos: Zongora ABC 2  Zongoraiskola 1 Zongoraiskola 2  Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 1 Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 2 Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 3 Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 4  Zongoráskönyv 3-4 Zongoráskönyv 5
  • American piano books
    Lesson books, excercises, performance
    For all levels
Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures
  • Albums, selections
    Choosing complex pieces,
    building on the basics

    Recommended for intermediate students
Bartók Béla: Mikrokozmosz 2 Bartók Béla: Mikrokozmosz 3  Bartók Béla: Gyermekeknek 1-2 Bartók Béla: Gyermekeknek 3-4  Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach J. S. Bach: 18 kis prelúdium  Könnyű szonatinák  Schumann: Jugendalbum  Majkapar: Könnyű zongoradarabok Kaleidoscope
  • Brought material
    Recommended for advanced students
J. S. Bach: Kétszólamú invenciók J. S. Bach: Háromszólamú invenciók  Chopin: Mazurkák  Liszt: 12 etűd  Debussy: Deux Arabesques
  • Improvisation
    Based on the material of Mária Apagyi
    For beginners and advanced students
Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 1. Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 2. Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 3.

Timetable of education:
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8 am to 7 pm, Friday 8 am to 4 pm
Applicadion and schedule continuously depending on free places

General Terms of Service (01/08/2017)

Applcation for a free consultation

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The consultation lasts for 25 minutes, contains measuring skills and defining goals.

Our students wrote

Tóth Ábel"I like music because it is good to listen and play. My favourite instrument is piano because it has a beautiful sound and I have to be skillful. I like mirror two-hands and scales. It is good to learn with Balázs while he explains well and I can play on a Steinway / Essex piano and the location is beautiful. I have been learning with him and I already played on two concerts. My favourite piece is Toccata and Fugue in d minor by Bach, but I can't play it yet…"

Ábel Tóth

Tóth Sára"When it came up that I'd like to play the piano, I had to face a big obstruction: there were no places in the music school or I was kept too old when I was 12. We decided therefore to search for a private teacher thus we reached Balázs.
Two friends of mine in the school also started to play the piano, the same time. One afternoon we played to each other. As I listened to them I thought they played serious pieces. I also realized that they can't play fine and steady while they didn't get strong basics however I did!
I like to learn with Balázs, the lessons are cheerful and he tells stories about composers and the pieces, too. I learn music theory as well, which is very useful while playing."

Sára Tóth

Brayden Chiu"It’s the second year I’m attending classes at Balázs. I really love the varied lessons and the humorous conversations during the breaks. He is always patient, he helps me in learning difficult pieces – achieving great dreams, he always takes attention for the artistic performance also. We approach each task positively, I get encouragement for the bigger steps. I like the Essex piano on which I can learn, I’m glad to receive quality in the respect of the instrument, too."

B. Chiu