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Recital 125 Package

Recital 125 Package
2017 / 2018
Recommended: for beginner and intermediate children

Package Contents

  • Temporal contents: 32 classes of 25 minutes.
    Fulfilment with one class per week (or somewhat rarer).
  • After expending package contents, additional classes with same timeframes can be purchased within the time limits of current period.
  • Profesional contents: 16-24 child songs, adaptations or piano pieces, according to the student’s knowledge level. Working with 2-3 songs or small opuses, technical, sightreading and improvisation excercises on each class.
  • Active participation on our piano recitals in December and in June with 2*2 preparatory common classes and 2*1 complimentary tickets.
  • Possibility of participation on our rewarding game „A Little More Extra”.

Package Time Limits
Deafault time limits

Full duration: 01/09/2017 – 31/08/2018
Schoolyear: 01/09/2017 – 15/06/2018 (package contents + additional classes optionally)
Summer period: 18/06/2018 – 31/08/2018 (additional classes)

Fees and Payment Schedules

Fees   Installments
Subscription fee: HUF 12.000   1st installment: HUF 24.000
Educational fee: HUF 144.000   2nd-3rd-4th installment: HUF 18.000
Altogether: HUF 156.000   5th installment: HUF 24.000
Scheduling: in 8 installments   7th-8th-9th installment: HUF 18.000
Additional class: HUF 4.500   Additional class: class by class

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