High level piano education on a quality grand piano
for all ages


Who reached an advanced level and works with piano pieces individually, can choose single private classes. These take place like a masterclass which means the student plays the already learned and well prepared pieces then receives some musical and technical approach on the class which can be built in further practising. It is highly recommended to receive masterclasses before an exam, recital or an entrance exam, even frome more teachers so as to go to the stage with more confidence and even more prepared. Our masterclasses happen in two with the teacher or in the presence of other students.
Students visiting our masterclasses are also welcome to our student piano recitals since inserting such a public appearance - beyond the unforgettable experience - also helps professional advancement and stage behavior.

Fees for Maseterclasses in 2018/19
Recommended for students on advanced or higher level, who claim for help of the teacher occasionally. Professional contents is approximate, the required timeframe always depends on the current opuses.

Lenght Professional contents Price
60 min 3-4 intermediate or 2-3 great opuses 12.000 HUF
90 min 3-4 great opuses 16.000 HUF
120 min 4-5 great opuses 20.000 HUF
Appearance on a student piano recital,
with 2 preparatory common classes and 1 complimentary ticket
10.000 HUF

Children: apply for a masterclass here

Adults: apply for a masterclass here