High level piano education on a quality grand piano
for all ages


Choose a quality instrument for home
with our high level piano education!
Your decision is rewarded now.

Purchase a grand piano or an upright piano at Opera Zongoraterem, refer to this advertisement when paying, then enroll to Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola Piano School with a discount of HUF 5.000!

Each customer of Opera Zongoraterem can take part in this action who purchases one of the acoustic instruments (grand pianos, upright pianos) from the stock. With the invoice, the customer will get an envelope containing 5 coupons worth of HUF 1.000 each which can be redeemed for any education service of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola. More coupons can be redeemed during one purchse but the value of the redeemed coupons can't exceed 10% of the total sum. The coupons can't be redeemed for concert tickets, sheets or other material products. The coupons can be handed over freely, their validity is one year from the date of issue. The discount may not be combined with another coupon deal.

The action is running until withdrawal.